Performance by Kevin McManus

Windshield time
There is a competitive edge awaiting those who develop the capacity to exceed the expectations of their customers creatively in a sustainable manner.


Management by Paul Engle

The classic dilemma of where to manufacture
This new year and new political climate has everyone guessing. Combining uncertainty with a strong dollar, companies face difficult decisions regarding offshoring and the high cost of operating stateside.

William Eisenhauer

Health Systems by William “Ike” Eisenhauer

Accept the risk ... or reduce the risk
In high-risk industries, organizations that want to achieve the status of “high reliability organizations” must use all the tools at our disposal and learn not only from our past but from each other.


Manufacturing by Paul Templin

Why free trade isn’t
“Free trade” is at best a euphemism for a world economy that is freer than in years past. Supposedly, this economic system benefits more people than it hurts, but this is subject to debate.


Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

When it’s big data and when it’s not
As more devices emerge and become even more connected, knowing what qualifies as big data can help us determine the necessary tools and techniques that should be applied to make sense of it all.