Reprints, Back Issues and Permissions

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To obtain copies of ISE or Industrial Management, contact Member and Customer Support, (770) 449-0460.


Reprints are cost-effective reproductions of articles that can be customized with your logo, organization name, contact information, and other enhancements at little or no extra cost. Available in quantities as small as 500, reprints are often used for:

  • Trade show handouts
  • Direct mail marketing promotions
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Inquiry follow-up brochures
  • Sales and training aids
  • Stockholder information

Reprint samples:

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Permissions are rights granted to reproduce ISE (formerly Industrial Engineer), Industrial Management, or content on the IISE website ( Because ISEIndustrial Management, and IISE website content is copyrighted by IISE, it may not be used in any form or medium without prior permission. 

To obtain permission rights, go to