For quality ISO auditing, take the long view

Real performance improvement means taking the long view and going beyond check boxes
By Joseph Haefner, Kim Gallagher and Christina Rogers 

The better plants use less power

Federal government’s Better Plants program has saved billions of dollars   
By Eli Levine 

Material handling: Robots or conveyors?

Robots take on conveyors in goods-to-person order picking     
By Yavuz A. Bozer and Francisco J. Aldarondo 

A four-part plan for smart manufacturing

Academia, government and business should join forces for the new industrial revolution
By Andrew Kusiak

A fishbone facilitation reflection

Facilitators who add fishbone diagrams to the process discover real answers
By Jennifer Otitigbe


Top stories in this month's industrial engineering news

  • Unknotting traffic tie-ups in Iowa
  • 5S means better living
  • Wet paper costs money
  • Worried about automation?
  • Students admit to smartphone addiction
  • Solar power can strengthen the grid
  • Texting while driving is still a bad idea
  • Two higher callings combined
  • Going digital?
  • Book of the month: Managing Projects in Ministry


Performance by Kevin McManus

The new improvement leaders

Management by Paul Engle

Is innovation the new differentiator?

Health Systems by Amanda Mewborn

Find peers with similar interests

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

Warehouse connections, Gilbreth and IoT style


This month in IISE news

The July issue highlights this year's Annual Conference honors, awards and scholarship winners and features a volunteer snapshot with IISE's Lean Division President Sharon Johnson. This year's ELSS keynote speakers are announced, and the Journal of Enterprise Transformation welcomes submissions for a special issue on the role of analytics.

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July 2018



"Do the tedious tasks. It may seem painful, but you will learn from it. If you are new into the corporate world it may be expected from you, so embrace it. If you have been in the corporate world for a while, it will remind you how things really work and how difficult it may be for the 'simple' report you requested. While you may not have the time to do the actual job, at least understand what someone has to go through to get it for you."
– Contributor Nicole Schoch in her July feature, "14 things you should care about"


2018 Winning Videos:
Inspiring Future ISEs

First Place ($1,000 Prize):
ITESM Campus Querétaro (Mexico)


Second Place ($500 Prize):
University of Jordan

Third Place ($300 Prize):
Oregon State University