Don't count humans out

Tesla factory problems show how counting out humans and traditional ISE principles derails quality and production
By Jeffrey K. Liker

How to print a better human

Adding ISEs to additive manufacturing and bioengineering advances the 3-D printing of human organs and tissue
By Shantanab Dinda, Yang Wu and Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat

Why automation is necessary for your EBOM and MBOM

Automation helps match your manufacturing bills of materials to your engineering bill of materials
By Craig Currie

The super agile revolution

The future's engineered systems will be living, complex and adaptive, not mechanical
By Dave Guerra

Tips for a smooth distribution center retrofit

The best warehouse revamp is one your customers don't notice
By Dean Starovasnik


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Penn State, Geisinger predict patient's risk for needing more medical care
  • Rochester Institute of Technology students develop system to boost developing economies
  • Sandia sensors allow real-time structural health monitoring to detect cracks
  • Boards of directors could benefit from evaluating processes as well as results
  • Berkeley Lab's 'super window' could save $10 billion annually in energy costs
  • Army uses machine learning to monitor Bradley fighting vehicles; Marines quickly fix aircraft
  • Book of the month: Lean Six Sigma for Good


Performance by Kevin McManus

Going on a mission

Management by Paul Engle

You can model capability maturity

Health Systems by Peter Woodbridge

Reinventing lean for healthcare

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

Managing loss on a product development team

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

Counterintuitive results … or not


This month in IISE news

The August issue features a retrospective on the IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2018. The print edition of the August issue includes a set of photos from the conference and the online version links to the full conference photo album.

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August 2018


"We all have missions in life, be they stated or unstated. Making your mission a conscious, prevalent thought will help you better achieve it simply because it is easier to manage daily actions around that mission."
– Kevin McManus in his August 2018 column, "Going on a mission"


2018 Winning Videos:
Inspiring Future ISEs

First Place ($1,000 Prize):
ITESM Campus Querétaro (Mexico)


Second Place ($500 Prize):
University of Jordan

Third Place ($300 Prize):
Oregon State University