Industrial Engineer Engineering and Management Solutions at Work

June 2012    |    Volume: 44    |    Number: 6

The member magazine of the Institute of Industrial and Engineers

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Kevin McManus 

Performance by Kevin McManus

Seeking some super supervisors
Supervisors can't be super unless they have the skills necessary for process analysis, project management, employee engagement and conflict resolution. The next energy boom will require such supervisors, and industrial engineers can help meet that demand.

Paul Engle 

Management by Paul Engle

Strategic planning challenges
Innovation has been a cornerstone of Apple's success, while a lack of innovation caused Hewlett-Packard to lose competitive advantage. Both cases show that strategic planning is imperative for progress in any industry. Companies must be able to react quickly to market changes.

D. Junell Scheeres 

Health Systems by D. Junell Scheeres

My favorite things
Professionals who are proficient in sundry performance improvement tools can make a real difference in healthcare, but many of them limit themselves to one approach. Here are a few of my favorite continuous process improvement tools that can help improve the dynamic environment of a health facility.

Nabil Nasr 

Innovation by Nabil Nasr

Incubators propel clean energy forward
Innovative energy technologies won't just happen; they must be encouraged. According to Pew Charitable Trusts, venture capital and private equity financing will be a key source of funding for green projects. Nonprofit incubators must guide venture capitalists to be part of the sustainability movement.