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We encourage you to turn the ideas and solutions you learned into improved quality and competitiveness for your organization and big plans for your career.

Hone your brand, believability and style

Learning the art and science of persuasion helps bring professional success to ISEs who want to build their personal brand as a change agent for their companies.

Accelerating Early Career Success

Don’t miss this free webinar on June 14, with panelists from The Poirier Group, Disney and The Ohio State University focusing on seven great habits of young professionals.

Leadership blind spots in rapidly changing organizations

Learn how to spot the leadership gaps that arise when major changes are happening so you can guide employees effectively through the new workplace landscape.

Access the IE BoK

The Industrial Engineering Body of Knowledge represents a repository of essential information for the IE field. Find out the concepts you need to know to achieve IE mastery.

Take your learning and networking abroad

Get world-class perspectives on industrial engineering and operations research at the International IISE Conference July 6-7 at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain.


  • Investing in tech and big data to tackle lost luggage

    Airlines are investing in RFID technology to track the location of bags to make sure they are in the right place at the right time.

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  • Brain cells trained on chip

    ANU researchers are studying the growth of brain cells by building a brain-on-a-chip system using nanowire geometry.

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  • Research solves centuries-old riddle of Prince Rupert's drops

    An international group of researchers pinpoint the source of the bizarre shatter-resistant behavior behind Rupert's drops.

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  • Automation to enhance the food and agriculture industry Robotic automation technology can bring new levels of efficiency and workplace safety to the field.

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  • Powered stretchers could reduce injuries for paramedics

    A recent study shows that a move from manual to powered stretchers could reduce the number of injuries to paramedics by 78 percent.

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  • 10 tips to mitigate supply chain risk

    Inbound Logistics: Companies must develop plans to prepare for and reduce the impact disruptions can have on their bottom line.

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Don’t miss the largest ISE event of the year!

Take a look at the highlights from last year's Annual Conference held in Anaheim, California. This video features highlights from the 2016 IISE Annual Conference & Expo. Watch an interview from Michael Foss, IISE's immediate past president, highlights from keynote speakers, interviews with longtime attendees and more! This year's Annual Conference takes place in Pittsburgh, the City of Champs, May 20-23.

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