Society for Health Systems Scholarship

Sponsored by HealthTrust Workforce Solutions

Congratulations to Alan Howard Jr. of Mercer University for winning the 2018 SHS Scholarship!

This scholarship was available to undergraduate students enrolled full-time in any school in the United States and its territories, Canada and Mexico, provided: (1) the school's industrial engineering program or equivalent is accredited by an agency or organization recognized by IISE; and (2) the student is pursuing a course of study in industrial engineering and operations research with a definite interest in the area of healthcare. The amount of the scholarship is $1,000. A candidate for this award must:

  • Be an active Society for Health Systems student member.
  • Have an overall point-hour average of 3.00 on a scale of 0-4.00.
  • Be enrolled full-time, as defined by the student's university.

Students may not apply directly for the scholarship. They must be nominated by IE department heads, IISE student chapter advisors, IE faculty or by SHS board members, SHS diplomates or SHS senior members. Applications must be received at IISE headquarters on or before Dec. 1 and include:

The scholarship is funded by tax-deductible donations to the SHS Scholarship Fund. Click here to donate.