AEC 2017 is happening now!

The 20th Applied Ergonomics Conference, taking place this week in Orlando, Florida, features the world-renowned Ergo Cup® Competition and best practices from all over the world.

Going cognitive with manufacturing economics

The next generation of manufacturing process design should consider not only physical ergonomics but cognitive ergonomics.

Green Building Practices, Occupant Health & Ergonomics

This April 6 webinar will focus on common occupant concerns in green buildings and the revised LEED Pilot Credit 44 ergonomics approach for computer users.

AEC Free Webinar Series

The Applied Ergonomics Conference Committee hosts a series of free webinars to showcase the valuable content at AEC. Check out the upcoming schedule and past recordings.


Celebrate 20 years of ergonomics success at AEC 2017

Be a part of something special at the 20th Applied Ergonomics Conference. Join us in Orlando, Florida, March 27-30, 2017, to expand your knowledge of crucial topics affecting the ergonomics community.

ISE magazine: 'Ergo Moneyball'

Don't miss the cover story of the July 2016 issue of ISE magazine, "Ergo Moneyball" by contributor Davana Pilczuk.

"Creating a successful ergonomics program can feel like a monumental task, and many times we are asked to do a lot with a little. Studying the Oakland A's story and how General Manager Billy Beane overcame these challenges can teach us some great lessons in how we can overcome some very common hurdles faced when developing corporate programs and creating culture change."

Click here to read the full article.

Learn to address crucial ergo topics from your desk

Looking for ergonomics training this summer? The on-demand course, Principles of Occupational Ergonomics, mixes lecture and "hands-on" laboratory sessions to address musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other ergonomics-related problems, identify and prioritize ergonomic stressors, determine root causes, review analysis techniques, and develop appropriate control measures and design criteria. Register now.

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  • Healthcare Ergonomics (including safe patient handling)
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Human Factors & Psychosocial Issues
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