AEC Attendance Award

The Applied Ergonomics Conference (AEC) Leadership would like to acknowledge your loyal support of the AEC. Please indicate the number of years you have attended the AEC*




*total of all the years you registered and attended the AEC since 1998.

AEC Distinguished Service Award

Volunteers from the profession are the only reason the Applied Ergonomics Conference has been able to so successfully meet the needs of practitioners. Over the past 20 years many dedicated individuals have made a profound impact on the conference. The leadership of the Applied Ergonomics Conference would like to recognize those who have distinguished themselves by their service to the conference.

Please enter the number years of service at the AEC over the past 20 years in the 8 areas listed below:


Areas of Service  Number of Years 
Committee Member  
Conference Presenter  
Pre-Conference Session  
Ergo Cup® Participation  
Conference Leadership  
Keynote Speaker  
Tour Sponsor  
Moderator or Session Coordinator  


We will calculate total points based on the following:

Areas of Service descriptions

  1. Committee Member: 1 Point per year of service as a member on an AEC Committee, including judging the Ergo Cup (Maximum of 2 points per year if serving on multiple committees) NOTE: Committee chairs/co-chairs should document their service under the Conference Leadership Category.

  2. Conference Presenter: 1 Point per presentation given at AEC (Presentation could include individual, group, or panel discussion) (Maximum of 2 points per year if delivering multiple presentations)

  3. Pre-Conference Session Workshop Presenter: 2 Points per Pre-Conference Session delivered at AEC (Session could be either half or full day in duration)

  4. Ergo Cup Participation at the Applied Ergonomics Conference: 1 Point per year that you served on your company’s Ergo Cup Team at the AEC (Maximum of 1 point per year even if serving on multiple Ergo Cup teams)

  5. Conference leadership: 2 Points per year of service in a conference leadership role (conference chair/co-chair, Committee chairs/co-chairs, and Strategic Committee)

  6. AEC Keynote Speaker: 2 Points

  7. Tour Sponsor: 1 Point per year that your company sponsored a site tour and you had a sufficient role in the coordination of the event.

  8. Moderator or Session Coordinator: 1 Point per year that you served as a moderator or session coordinator. (Maximum of 2 points per year if serving as moderator or session coordinator for multiple event

 Please provide the following information:

First Name:  
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