The Fellow Award

Recognizes outstanding leaders of the profession who have made significant, nationally recognized contributions to industrial engineering. A fellow is the highest classification of IISE membership.


A nominee must be at least 40 years old, and a senior member of IISE for a minimum of 10 consecutive years or five continuous years, following at least five continuous years in an international IE organization that partners with IISE and represents IE in its region. The IISE president is automatically considered for this award at the end of his or her term. Members of the IISE Board of Trustees and Honors Steering Committee are ineligible.


Not more than 20 fellows can be named each year. Candidates must demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in both professional career and service to industrial engineering.

Professional Career
Candidates must excel in at least one of the following three specific criteria:

  • Management – Has achieved significant results and has made notable contributions to running or managing organizations or departments that include industrial engineering or related functions. The organizations may be in industry, government, or academe.
  • Technical innovation – Has made significant contributions relating to industrial engineering through the creation of new methodology and/or philosophy and its dissemination through media such as books, journals, magazines, conferences, and meetings, as well as broadcast and Web communications.
  • Practice innovation – Has made significant contributions to industrial engineering practice through the design and implementation of industrial engineering techniques including measurement of the resulting benefits.

Service to Industrial Engineering
Candidates must qualify in two of the following three specific criteria and excel in at least one:

  • IISE service - Has volunteered significant time and effort on behalf of IISE.
  • Interdisciplinary activity - Has volunteered significant time and been active in national or international leadership with other groups that relate to industrial engineering.
  • Leadership in promoting industrial engineering – Has significantly enhanced the visibility and impact of industrial engineering through promotional activities.

Nomination process

  • Nominations can be made by any current IISE member not serving on the IISE Board of Trustees.
  • At least one recommendation must be from an IISE fellow if the nominator is a fellow. If the nominator is not a fellow, then two of the three recommendations must be fellows.
  • Three letters of recommendation should be limited to a maximum of two pages each.
  • The nomination form, the nominator's letter and CV package should be limited to 12 pages.
  • To summarize, in total, four letters are required (nominator and three references), and at least two must come from IISE Fellows.
  • The entire nomination packet should be no more than 18 pages total.


This award is judged by the Fellows Committee.