IIsE Lean Division Student Paper Competition

The 11th annual IISE Lean Division Student Paper Competition will be held to honor outstanding papers in the field of lean research and practices. The papers should demonstrate or describe the use of techniques such as simulation, lean principle implementation, alternative designs, kaizen implementation, etc. Both undergraduate and graduate students and design teams are invited to submit papers. The award will be given each year at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo, if there is a suitable recipient.

Three awards may be given upon recommendation of the selection committee. The winners must present their papers in the ISERC Lean Systems Track at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo, May 19-22 in Orlando. Fla. All authors will receive a certificate stating place awarded. There will be reserved seating at the Honors & Awards Banquet for the lead author first place winner. The names will not be announced on Monday evening. The names will be announced before the Tuesday morning keynote address. Their names will be on the scrolling Powerpoint Monday and Tuesday mornings as people enter the ballroom for the keynote speakers. The first place winner paper will be included in the Honors & Awards Banquet Program.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a full time student at the time of submission
  • Research must have been conducted while the applicant was a student
  • The paper must present original research results
  • The paper must not have won or been considered for an award in another competition
  • At least one author must be an IISE member and present the paper at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo
  • Winning papers will appear on the IISE lean division website
  • Authors will be asked to sign an ethics statement stating they are full time students and the research and writing are their own work
  • Advising by a non-student is allowed, such as an academic or industry advisor. However, only students can be authors or co-authors

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of papers: Feb. 15

Three finalists will be notified: March 6

Paper Guidelines

Authors must follow the ISERC 2018 paper guidelines since the winning papers will be published in the ISERC proceedings. Paper format guidelines.


Each paper must be submitted in electronic format (PDF file) to the committee co-chairs: Sushil Shetty, Nadiye ErdilTina Agustiady and  Farnaz Ghazi-Nezami.

Submission Form/Ethical Statement

2017 Winners

First Place:
Andrea Montalvo Rodriguez,  Ana Cristina Bastida and Samantha Lankenau
Universidad de Monterrey
"Improving Ambulance Performance Efficiency to Decrease Response Time"

Second Place:
Alan Howard Jr.
Mercer university
"Manufacturing Process Improvement on Valve Timing Control Production"

2016 Winners

First place:
Girish Upreti and Isaac Atuahene
University of Tennesses-Knoxville
"Improving the Hospital Process using Lean Approach"

 Second place:
Diana Ducoulombier Alvarado and Carlos Alberto Hernandez Hernandez
Universidad Politecnica de San Luis Potosi
"Change of Mezzanine in the Bottled Salsa Line"

Past Winners

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