Announcement: Second CIS Division Mobile App Competition

The advent of mobile devices such as Apple i-series or Samsung Galaxy series has dramatically changed not only personal lifestyles, but also business practices. Tech-savvy industrial & systems engineers have foreseen the potentials of the new technology and are actively applying it to solve problems in their own domains.

In order to facilitate the development of practical mobile apps based on theories and practices in the field of industrial and systems engineering and related fields, the Computer & Information Systems (CIS) division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers initiated the IIE-CIS Mobile App Competition in 2013. The competition focuses on two main aspects. One is design & development of practical mobile app features, and the other is business planning for effective marketing.

The inaugural competition was held in the IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2013 in Puerto Rico and was a great success. Six teams participated from four different universities among two countries. The domains of mobile apps were quite diverse, ranging from healthcare applications to an information sharing tool to an occupational safety and health application. Dominic Gordon (advisor: Dr. Ruel Ellis) from the University of West Indies (Republic of Trinidad & Tobago) was selected as the winner of the first competition.

IIE will host again the second IIE-CIS Mobile App Competition during the IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2014 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Currently, the steering committee of the competition is receiving two-page proposals, and its deadline has been extended to Nov. 22, 2013. Unlike last year's competition, we announced the competition two months earlier this year to give participants more time to develop their mobile apps. The competition steering committee hopes this extended time will serve the participants better for designing and developing app features and making business plans to market them.

Please see the competition website: for detailed information, such as competition schedule, eligibility of participants, competition scope, evaluation process, etc.

We strongly believe that mobile technology will be the driving force behind successful applications of theories and practices of industrial and systems engineering. We hope this competition can contribute to an upsweep of mobile technology in the field of industrial and systems engineering.

The competition is designed to provide students with opportunities for developing mobile apps based on theories and practices in the field of industrial and systems engineering, or related fields, and taking business initiatives for the mobile apps.

Best regards,

Competition Co-Chairs
John Jung-Woon Yoo (Bradley University)
Gerry Knapp (Louisiana State University)