Call for nominations for the SHS Board of Directors

The SHS Nominating Committee is making a call for applications for two dynamic directors whose terms will begin Feb. 25, 2014. All nominees must be current, regular members of SHS. Students are not eligible.

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to serve your society in a significant way. If not you, then perhaps someone you know is qualified to take a leadership position on the SHS Board. It is so very important to fill the outgoing positions with those that have a commitment to healthcare in our country! Participating in a leadership role for the society is a challenging, yet at the same time, very rewarding experience.

Each year, we attempt to maintain a broad distribution of board members with a balance between academic, industry and government representation. The position is a three year commitment with fantastic opportunities to network and give back to the profession. Generally the time commitment is three to five hours per month – about half of the time is during traditional business hours - with the term beginning Feb. 25, 2014.

Interested candidates should complete the top portion of the nomination form by Oct. 31, 2013, for consideration by the Nominating Committee. Take a few minutes to consider submitting your name or that of a colleague to the SHS Nominating Committee for review.

Contact Jean Ann Larson, nominating committee chair, if you have questions about the positions and responsibilities. Please consider giving back to your profession through a society leadership position.