IISE/Arena Student Simulation Competition Past Winners

2016 Winners

1st Place: Team ETS
Ecole de Technologie Superieure 
Team members: Steeven Valois, Simon Lessard and Mathieu Dion 
Faculty advisor: Marc Paquet

2nd Place: WPI
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Team members: Elizabeth Karpinski, Camila Dias and Lin Jiang
Faculty advisor: Renata Konrad

3rd Place: Control Sharks
San Jose State University
Team members: Brenton Hsu, Kelli Sum and Daniel Bruhn
Faculty advisor: Khaled Mabrouk

2015 Winners

1st Place: ETS
Ecole de Technologie Superieure
Team members: Steeven Valois, Simon Lessard and Leonie Quinn
Faculty advisor: Marc Paquet

2nd Place: Limitless
Kyonggi University
Team members: Ingyu Lee, Bugeon Kim and Sangmin Lee
Faculty advisor: Myeonsig Cho

3rd Place: Miracle of Sheep
Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Team members: Seunggoo Kang, Sunggyun Hong and Sejong Yoo
Faculty advisor: Seong Yong Jang

2014 Winners

1st Place: Kudos
Kyonggi University
Team Members: Taesung Kim, Jungsu Han and Jiun Ryu
Faculty Advisor: Myeonsig Cho

2nd Place: ICM Simulators
Abdelmalek Essaadi University, National School of Applied Sciences of Tetouan
Team members: Oumayma Iallalen, Achraf Chafalou and Anas Aymen Mrabou
Faculty advisor: Mohamed Reghioui

3rd Place: ETS
Ecole de Technologie Superieure
Team members: Jean-Luc Bedard, Francois d’Amours and Manuel Pinto
Faculty advisor: Jean-Francois Boulet 

2013 Winners

1st Place: TIIEAM
Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Team Members: Hector Villarreal Garza, Yan Lin Clemintina Chen Lopez and Mariana Elizabeth Trevino Ferrer
Faculty Advisor: Heriberto Garcia Reyes

2nd Place: Team ETS
Ecole de Technologie Superieure
Team members: Mickael Huot, Benoit Boutin and Benoit Robichaud
Faculty Advisor: Alexandre Ouellet

3rd Place: Trojan's Arena
University of Southern California
Team members: Cynthia Larocque and Michael Hintlian
Faculty Advisor: Kurt Palmer 

2012 Winners

1st Place: Super Awesome
Kyonggi University
Team members: Younghwa Kang, Minho Kim and Hyunseok Shin
Faculty advisor: Myeonsig Cho 

2nd Place: Huisje 8
Technische Universiteit Delft
Team members: Matthijs Brouns and Helene van Heijiningen
Faculty advisor: L. J. Kortmann 

3rd Place: Team Huskies
Northern Illinois University
Team members: Jonathon Brust, Joseph Timmer and Alan Toomsen
Faculty advisor: Reinaldo Moraga 

2011 Winners

1st Place: Hornets - The Simulators
Southern Polytechnic State University
Team members: Thuy Nguyen, Alex Moody and Larry Jackson
Faculty advisor: Greg Wiles

2nd Place: BGU Simulators
Ben-Gurion University
Team members: Tzahi Israel and Hadas Gur-Arie
Faculty advisor: Sigal Berman 

3rd Place: The Lehigh Engineers
Lehigh University
Team members: Preston Zorner, Yousef Janajri and Cristina Cannella
Faculty advisor: Robert Storer

2010 Winners

1st Place: Simulator Gators
University of Florida
Team members: Megan Vrenjak, Natalie Keller and James Britton
Faculty advisor: Serdr Kirli

2nd Place: Olympiakos
Lehigh University
Team members: Gregory Capece, Michael Pankey, Jr. and Benjamin Thomas
Faculty advisor: Robert Storer

3rd Place: Innovative Thinkers
Seoul National University of Technology
Team members: Seung-Min Noh, Jin-Yong Yim and Chan-Bum Jung
Faculty advisor: Seong-Yong Jang

2009 Winners

1st Place: The MexiQ's
ITESM - Monterrey
Team members: Alfonso Tinoco Moreno, Jose Luis Morales Carpio and Carlos Augusto Sedano Flores
Faculty advisor: Federico Trigos

2nd Place: Noitalumis
Kyonggi University
Team members: Chang Young Park, Ki Il Choi and Jung Hyun Kim
Faculty advisor: Myeon Sig Cho

3rd Place: Dream Makers
Seoul National University of Technology
Team members: Jin Yong Park, Suk Ju Kim and Yoon Gi Lee
Faculty advisor: Seong Yong Jang

2008 Winners

1st Place: Creators
Kyonggi University
Team members: Janghyun Lee, Moonsik Choi and Byungchul Kang
Faculty advisor: Myeon Sig Cho

2nd Place: Strike
Seoul National University of Technology
Team members: Gur Joong Kim, Dong Young Kim and Jin Yong Park
Faculty advisor: Seong Yong Jang

3rd Place: Simucanes
University of Miami
Team members: Andrew Doyle Igor Fialkowski and Bruno Hexsel
Faculty advisor: Murat Erkoc