How to Land Your Dream Job: Resume, Interview and Networking Tips for the Millennials and Beyond

By Emilie Gerhart

I hate to break this bad news to you, but the Internet and social networking have changed your job searching forever. After entering the word “job” in your search engine and retrieving over three billion results, it can feel like your search has ended.

Although technology has made it easier to find job openings, the challenge of obtaining your dream job still exists.

One of the first steps in job searching is concerned with your resume. Utilize your waste analysis skills to eliminate words, phrases and sections in your resume that are not adding value to you as a candidate. Alter these areas to be specific about your accomplishments while making use of key words that will attract attention to your industrial engineering background.

It is also a smart strategy to form multiple versions of your resume that are tailored specifically to a certain job. For example, for a software design position, get specific about software and code used in your experiences. 

To echo your engineering attention to detail, request that at least three different people read and edit your resume to locate any spelling or grammar mistakes. Recruiters immediately notice mistakes in resumes, and finding just one could mean automatic rejection.

So, your resume is perfect and you’ve scored an interview. You work has just begun. Now it is time to ask yourself, "Why do I want this job"? The answer to this question is what can set you apart from every other interviewer on the list. Try to know specifically why you want the job, and research the types of questions recruiters typically ask. If you can be assertive, honest and knowledgeable about your desire to be chosen for the position, you will surely stand out.

In addition to your mental preparation, it is also beneficial to dress the part. Investing in a well-fitted suit may break the bank, but appearing professional is an essential part of the recruiting process. 

Last but not least- relax! You’ve done your research and you look like an expert in your field. Recruiters are looking to find the real you, so smile and be yourself.

Maybe this job searching is taking longer than you thought. IIE provides great resources through the Career Center on the IIE website where job listings are posted and a resume bank is kept updated. Additionally, you can dive head first into networking by exploring the Community and Conferences areas of the website.

Becoming involved with your local chapter offers you instrumental professional development opportunities through plant tours, chapter meetings, social media connections, volunteer work and communicating with peers, which will make you a more experienced and desirable candidate for any position.