Opportunities to network with SEMS topic leaders

 In 2012, SEMS launched an initiative to become your preferred place for knowledge exchange and discussion about engineering management topics that are critical to advance your career, whether as a student, an academic, or a practitioner.

One year later, we are pleased to inform you that we have recruited 32 excellent topic leaders covering almost two dozen topics ranging across the engineering management body of knowledge. Consequently, we updated our website and published 31 blogs. We recommend you not only visit and read our blogs, but also encourage you to provide comments, post questions, and perhaps even more importantly, to challenge our topic leaders to create innovative concepts that can help our society perpetuate into the 21st century.

Topic leaders will regularly post blogs and update their websites to inform you about recently published books, journal and/or conference papers which might be of interest to you. Future expansion will focus on additional topics, such as marketing, economics, action/case study research methods, as well as emergent topics, such as disaster management and/or globalization.