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Vendor Managed Inventory - How To Do It Right, As a "Win-Win" For Supplier and Customer

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) takes many different forms, at many different companies. When implemented correctly, VMI can be a "win-win" for both supplier and customer. But unfortunately, too often VMI helps only one company, or even worse, adds costs and inventory across the combined supply chain. In this webinar, we will discuss best practices for implementing VMI, focusing on the techniques that will improve overall supply chain performance, benefitting both the supplier and their customer. The webinar will also include case studies that illustrate these best practices from a variety of industries. Attendees will learn how to design and optimize VMI to ensure "win-win" results in their companies.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management Strategies

In this presentation, Aarti Sharma, Ph.D., will highlight how some corporations are integrating environmental, social and economic sustainability principles in their supply chain management strategies.

Moving Toward True Lean Supply Chain Management 

O’Rourke and Aherne define true lean supply chain and discuss the different roadblocks people run into with implementation. They will cover lean success and challenges and lean supply chain management. They will also present a case study to illustrate the material covered and discuss low cost business versus low cost regions and finish up with the first steps to true lean SCM.