IISE Offers Sponsored and Custom Webinars

Take advantage of the buying power of IISE members and customers by sponsoring an IISE webinar or creating your own. Webinars are Web-based presentations combining audio and PowerPoint or other screen sharing. All you have to do is decide which webinar to sponsor or use your own presenter and customized content, then the IISE staff will handle all of the setup and logistics, including moderating the program and furnishing you with a participant contact list. IISE webinars allow you to generate sales leads with an industry expert and trusted partner. IISE-moderated webinars benefit both you as a marketer and your audience who is seeking information about suppliers, products and services.

Almost everyone is comfortable interacting online today. Your customers and prospects have largely migrated online for work-related purposes, and online events are one of the most effective ways to engage and interact with your target audience. Webinars are an outstanding way of reaching out to prospects and leads without having to go anywhere. Your business saves tons of money on travel and other related meeting expenses while still providing a full experience. IISE webinars offer a very dynamic and interactive way of having people from possibly all over the globe come together and receive your message. Your webinar can be an amazing sales and marketing tool that allows you to be a powerful presence in the business lives of potential clients.


  • Generate important sales lead information on attendees such as their interest area
  • Provide a greener alternative to location-based events
  • Reach a targeted yet global audience
  • Provide many of the benefits of location-based events, such as branding exposure and lead generation
  • Position you and your company as a thought leader
  • Help you get in front of qualified, motivated audience early in the buy cycle
  • Offer the convenience and productivity of allowing you to remain in your office at your computer while hosting and managing an event

We handle

  • Webinar promotion to IISE members and customers
  • Registration and customer service for attendees
  • Speaker training on the webinar software
  • Moderation of the webinar
  • Recording and archiving services (Your webinar will be available for viewing after the event.)
  • Participant list will be provided (Due to privacy issues, we do not supply email address or phone number.)

Sponsor an IISE webinar: $2,500

Develop your own custom webinar promoting your products or services: Starting at $5,000

Custom Webinar example 

For more information, contact Hope Teague at (770) 349-1127 or hteague@iise.org.