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This communiqué comes to your inbox once a month with important information from headquarters plus tools and best practices to help officers operate your chapter and increase chapter membership. You will also see suggestions on how chapter members can best take advantage of the exceptional benefits at their disposal as an IISE member.

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IISE Communications Policy

In order to maintain the quality and quantity of emails our members receive, IISE must be aware of the content and frequency of emails being sent to its members. Therefore, when you send an email to your chapter members, please copy your IISE membership administrator at

IISE Continuing Education on Campus

IISE's continuing education department has instituted a program through which we will come to your campus, usually on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and present either Six Sigma Green Belt or Lean Green Belt training immediately followed by IISE's certification examination. And we do this for students at a discount of more than 60 percent off the regular IISE member prices.

The way the process works:

  1. Contact IISE to let us know you are interested ( We will send you specific details on the costs and requirements.
  2. Pick your dates. We do have a finite number of instructors, so the sooner you select the better.
  3. Confirm a classroom or meeting room with an LCD projector and white board or flip chart availability.
  4. Promote the class to your members, other IE majors, other engineering majors, and even other related disciplines on campus.
  5. Collect the registration fee (and maybe even add a little bit on for your chapter). We can even help with an online payment system.
  6. Send the registration information to IISE headquarters.
  7. Attend the course, pass the exam, and receive your green belt certification.

Let us know if you are interested in this student benefit.

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For additional support or answers to your questions, contact Pam Patterson, IISE Membership Administrator (Chapters and Regions) at 770.449.0461, Ext. 115 or

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