An ergonomics metamorphosis at Gulfstream

The jet-maker saves time and money by infusing enthusiasm for ergonomics education into company culture.

Systems Engineers – Transforming Industry and Academia

In this free April 13 webinar from IISE’s Industry Advisory Board, learn how the mental skill of mindfulness can unlock higher levels of creativity and innovation.

Access the IE BoK

The Industrial Engineering Body of Knowledge represents a repository of essential information for the IE field. Find out the concepts you need to know to achieve IE mastery.

Valued and agile product development

The company that gets the right product to the consumer fastest has a competitive edge. Learn how to help your enterprise shorten its product development times.

The new administration

Tim McGlothlin of The Ergonomics Center will be IISE’s new president-elect. He leads a slate of new officers elected by IISE’s professional members in January.


  • IE becomes first black female Air Force three-star general

    USC ISE graduate Stayce Harris becomes the first African-American female to achieve the rank of lieutenant general for the Air Force.

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  • 3-D printing could replace small parts manufacturing

    Experts say that the capability of 3-D printing to produce limited-batch pieces will disrupt the spare parts market.

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  • ASU center receives $1.5M to improve U.S. manufacturing

    Arizona State University joins Industrial Assessment Centers DOE-funded program that aims to improve efficiency in the industry.

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  • New engineering consortium partners with Indiana industry

    A new consortium of Purdue faculty and experts in simulation-based engineering offer partnerships with Indiana manufacturers.

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  • Former IISE fellow and CIEADH member dies at 79

    Frank Tillman, emeritus faculty for the IMSE department at Kansas State University, passed away in February.

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  • IISE member named Imhoff Chair at Arkansas

    Assistant professor at University of Arkansas Ashlea Milburn is the 2017-2018 recipient of the John L. Imhoff Chair in Industrial Engineering.

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IISE highlights the 2016 Ergo Cup® competition!

In this video, companies that participated in the 2016 Ergo Cup® competition are highlighted for their successful ergonomics solutions. Sponsored by the Ergonomics Center of North Carolina and Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina State University, the Ergo Cup® presents five awards annually for outstanding solutions through training, engineering and teamwork. Companies highlighted in the 2016 competition include Honda, Coca-Cola and Volkswagen.

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