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Monday, May 22 - Room 301

2:00 - 3:20 p.m.
Advanced Process Engineering - Managing Large Datasets
Dave Sly, Proplanner

A Systematic approach to integrated process engineering for assembly plants.  This presentation will start by presenting an optimal team-based work flow and data flow for engineering an ideal process routing for an assembly line from a new, or modified manufactured bill of materials (mBOM).  A demonstration will show a simple approach to defining and updating a process routing, reconciling part consumption, defining processing time and then conducting a mixed model line balance using actual order build list data files to represent future model mix scenarios.  The presentation will focus on mixed model line balancing integrated with user-defined constraints involving work zones, ergonomics, inspection rules, processing time and precedence.  In addition, the use of Yamazumi charts for viewing and authoring, as well as automatically generated virtual assembly 3D models will be shown as an example of new capabilities that the most advanced assembly plants are implementing today.  Finally, the presentation will show how line balancing results can generate unit-specific shop floor work instructions which can be printed or published electronically for viewing via web browsers.

3:30 - 4:50 p.m.
Flow Analysis using AutoCAD - Are there Better Alternatives to Simulation?
Dave Sly, Proplanner

From the team that invented AutoCAD based material flow analysis, learn about best practices in PFEP creation, material flow analysis, and tugger-route planning.  Also learn about converting the material flow data into shop floor kanban and kitting systems.

Flow Analysis using AutoCAD – quick and easy product flow and materials handling evaluation.  This presentation will show the entire process on how to conduct an evaluation of material flow and material handling people within an AutoCAD layout in under an hour. In particular, we will look at material handling travel and handling activities as well as aisle placement, aisle congestion and the evaluation of one-way aisles.  We will also explore the many ways that material flow color coding and path thickness can be used to identify and communicate layout and handling issues.

This presentation will also show the two different analysis techniques used to evaluate unit-load fork truck moves versus multi-stop tugger deliveries respectively.  A tugger delivery analysis will be conducted in the presentation by using a delivery request data file containing both actual and probabilistic delivery requests. Using these requests, a systematic approach to designing efficient and balanced tugger delivery routes will be demonstrated.