Facility Tours for Students

These tours have been developed by the Student Committee and designed for students. Attendance is limited to students.

If you have already registered for the conference and would like to add the tour, please compelete the tour registration form and return to customer service.

Monday, May 20

Bacardi Corp.

10 a.m. – Noon
Student Members  $35
Student Non-members  $45

The Bacardi facility tour will expose you to the history of the Bacardi family, their company and their brand. It will provide you with the wonderful experience of traveling thru time, from the very beginnings of the company until the present time. The tour will start with education about the sugar cane, and will continue with a visit to a replica of the first Bacardi distillery, including an exact replica of our founder's first alembic. An introductory video will take you through the journey of the Bacardi rum preparation process, which will be complemented with the experience of smelling "rum directly from a barrel." The tour will end with the visit to the distillery, which is an area reserved for special visitors. There, you will be exposed to the rum fermentation and distillation processes. We have no doubt that you will enjoy your visit and that it will be a memorable one.

Tour restrictions: The host will indicate during the visit where photos are permitted.

Hospital Español Auxilio Mutuo/Triple-S Salud

1 – 3 p.m.
Student Members  $35
Student Non-members  $45

Lean, in any setting, is a customer-focused management philosophy. In healthcare, lean means focusing on the patient as the primary customer. Patient focus and healthcare rising costs also means designing processes and physical spaces with the patient in mind, minimizing wait times and travel distances. A joint improvement effort between Triple-S (Healthcare Management Organization [HMO]), the hospital facility Auxilio Mutuo and the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico will demonstrate how results can be achieved using Lean Healthcare tools and methods to improve the pre-registration process.

Safety issues: This tour will be designed to have an exposure to real processes and changes in a patient-care centered facility. It is expected that the group will follow all safety and regulations guidelines and observe strictly privacy rules when having access to areas where real patients are being assisted.

Tour restrictions

  • Cameras allowed: It might be possible to have cameras where there is no compromise with the patient privacy laws and/or any internal guidelines at the hospital.
  • Special needs/Equipment/Shoes: It might be suggested to have casual and comfortable attire. It might be possible to experience low temperature from A/C conditions so a jacket could be needed to feel comfortable.