The conference schedule will provide dedicated time for attendees to visit the exhibit hall and take advantage of this unique collection of new products, solutions and ideas focused on ergonomics.

In addition to an impressive variety of vendors, the exhibit hall will showcase the annual Ergo Cup® exhibits.


Albion Casters 

Albion Casters - Booth #

As heavy-duty and material handling experts for over 65 years, Albion's proven mobility solutions handle capacities from 240 to 30,000 lbs. per caster. From the largest offering of industrial casters and wheels, to cutting-edge custom designs, Albion's experience and technology ensure that every solution meets the performance requirements unique to each customers' needs.


Aristo Industries 

 Aristo Industries - Booth #

Aristo Industries has five facilities totaling 225,000 square feet with over 215 employees. With our advanced design and prototype services, complete welded rack and cart fabrication, full service returnable foam, plastic and plastic corrugated returnable packaging, Quantumshield Polyurea coatings, tube and joint solutions, and a complete line of fabric dunnage, we have unmatched ability to design and fabricate solutions to transport, protect, and display material.  

Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions

Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions - Booth #108

Atlas prevents injuries and reduces their cost through various strategies including physical demands analysis; post-offer pre-employment and return-to-work physical function screens; ergonomics software, services, and training; on-site early intervention and physical therapy; and stretching for manufacturing, transportation, warehouses, offices, and healthcare. Best of all we support over 15,000 US cities.

Aubin Industries Inc.

Aubin Industries Inc. - Booth #72

Aubin Industries is a manufacturer of ergonomic mobility solutions. Aubin’s patented products, innovative technology and individualized problem solving create groundbreaking manual and assisted mobile systems to fit your needs. Come see the revolutionary Swivel-EAZ® Pro, our patented solution for push/pull resistance, and learn about all our newest patented innovations.


Auburn Engineers

Auburn Engineers - Booth # 

Auburn Engineers is recognized worldwide for highly practical and creative approaches to ergonomics. Our proprietary, Web-based eTools software is now used for ergonomics analysis, engineering design, program management, job rotation, disability management, work methods and cost justification. We provide design and management processes, problem analysis and resolution and quality ergonomics training.


Autonomous - Booth # 

Autonomous designs and manufactures ergonomic sit-to-stand desks and chairs. Autonomous currently sells to more than 25,000 offices including tech startups, corporations, schools and government offices.


Barefoot Ergonomic Flooring by Beagle I, Inc.

Barefoot Ergonomic Flooring by Beagle I Inc. - Booth #128

Barefoot Ergonomic Flooring by Beagle I, Inc. is a manufacturer of Barefoot mats, GoodToGo and OnTheRun. Barefoot mats are ergonomic, anti-fatigue floor mats that use high quality rubber. Barefoot mats are highly effective safety mats that provide exceptional comfort for people who stand for long periods of time. Barefoot OnTheRun is a comfortable anti-fatigue footwear. It is worn over the shoe secured by adjustable strapping. It is intended for use in all dry areas where ergonomic flooring is impractical. GoodToGo is a warehousing traffic safety and warning system. It is a dual purpose lighted floor strip with microwave sensors that slows traffic and warns pedestrians and drivers that they are entering blind intersections.



Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics - Booth # 

Distinguish yourself! For 25 years, BCPE's credentials (CPE, CHFP, CUXP, AEP, AHFP, AUXP and CEA) have symbolized excellence in the practice of human factors, ergonomics and user experience. Stop by our booth to learn more about BCPE certification and how it can benefit you.


 BodyBilt by ErgoGenesis  

BodyBilt by ErgoGenesis - Booth #37 

BodyBilt ergonomic seating and accessories by ErgoGenesis is dedicated to building ergonomic workplace solutions that provide comfort resulting in increased productivity. The company's national sales force markets BodyBilt products to companies of all sizes, government entities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, emergency call centers and individuals throughout the U.S.


Briotix - Booth #55

Briotix combines tools, science and technology from the fields of Ergonomics, Physical and Occupational Therapy, with modern technologies, to prevent employee injuries, help them get back to work and reduce the cost of the worker injuries in your organization. Learn more at www.briotix.com

Bureau Veritas North America, Inc. 

Bureau Veritas North America Inc. - Booth #74

Bureau Veritas is a global health, safety and environmental consulting firm with a large ergonomics practice. We offer a full spectrum of ergonomics services – loss analysis; exposure assessments; 360 degree process evaluations; improvement recommendations and alternatives; program enhancement; training. Featured service: Prevention through design and digital human modeling.

Caster Connection 

Caster Connection - Booth #70

Caster Connection - manufacturer and distributor of casters and wheels - serves as a trusted partner invested in the success of our clients by providing mobility solutions that offer measurable value. Since our founding in 1987, we have been dedicated to developing the most innovative and optimal solutions to deliver enhanced ergonomics, safety and efficiency for every partner.   

  Champion Manufacturing Inc.

 Champion Manufacturing Inc. - Booth # 

Heavy-duty industrial anti-fatigue, anti-slip and conductive ESD matting products. Customizable work platforms and protective padding. Dieless cutting and laminating services for rubber, plastic and vinyl. Also offer agricultural matting and work area countertops built to order. Providing solutions for your toughest areas is our specialty.

Contour Design 

Contour Design Inc. - Booth #51

Contour Design's mission is to provide evolutionary products that allow people to work safely at their computers. Our RollerMouse products help eliminate the need to reach for or grip the mouse. RollerMouse is based on our ergonomic expertise and inspired by users to create ergonomic designs with ultra-high precision and quality.


Darcor Ltd.  

Darcor Casters and Wheels - Booth #110

Darcor Casters and Wheels provides ergonomic solutions that mitigate risk to injury, increase efficiency and promote a healthier workplace. We accomplish this through the use of proprietary wheel technology that exceeds ergonomic mobility standards.



Electro Kinetic Technologies

Electro Kinetic Technologies - Booth # 

Electro Kinetic Technologies is an innovator of motorized ergonomic solutions. As engineers, we analyze the whole picture and provide the most effective standard or custom motorized equipment to improve both efficiency and safety in the workplace. We offer an extensive line of trusted brands for platform carts, scissor lift carts, electric tuggers, in addition to our custom engineering for payloads up to 40,000 pounds.



Enviance - Booth #93

As a leader in cloud-based Environmental, Health and Safety software, Enviance’s Office Ergonomic Software (OES) and RSIGuard are designed to protect your employees from common health risks while improving your company’s bottom line performance through a comprehensive health monitoring and management program.


Ergo Advantage

Ergo Advantage - Booth #111

Ergo Advantage is a manufacturer of modular anti fatigue matting specializing in anti-slip, ESD and 5 and 6S initiatives with the best warranty on the market. The underside allows for cord and wire management, and the different color and lighting options greatly improve the work area. 


Ergo Desktop

Ergo Desktop - Booth #112

Ergo Desktop offers many options to your sit/stand desktop solutions. We have an entry level desktop Wallaroo Jr, our most popular desktop Kangaroo Elite, and one of our newest additions - an Electric Kangaroo Pro. Our entry level desktop is dual ergonomic/single adjustment, and all other desktops are dual ergonomic/dual adjustment.

Ergo Squad

Ergo Squad - Booth #

We are consultants in ergonomic and human resource management, and our programs and solutions empower you with the ability to identify, measure and correct the factors that impede worker performance and put them at risk of injury. We provide ergonomic consultation, software and hardware.

ergoCentric Seating Systems

ergoCentric Seating Systems - Booth #86

At ergoCentric Seating Systems, our sole mission is to design and manufacture the best ergonomic chairs in the world and we are recognized as North America’s premier manufacturer of high-quality ergonomic seating for office, specialty and healthcare environments.

Ergonomic Assist Systems and Equipment (EASE) Council  

Ergonomic Assist Systems & Equipment (EASE Council of MHI) - Booth #48

The Ergonomic Assist Systems & Equipment (EASE Council of MHI) is made up of material handling equipment manufacturers focused on providing effective ergonomic solutions for the manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, distribution and other industries in the supply chain. Our goal is to help find quality (sound) ergonomic solutions that improve the work experience and productivity.


The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina 

The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina - Booth #113

The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina is a membership-based organization housed in the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University. The Center’s highly experienced, board-certified ergonomists provide the highest quality ergonomics consulting, training programs and research for companies throughout the world. Our services include onsite training, job and task analysis, program development, engineering design guidelines, and cost-saving solutions for both industrial and office ergonomics.

ErgoScience Inc.

ErgoScience Inc. - Booth #126

ErgoScience provides hire to retire injury prevention services. Our pre-hire/post-offer Physical Abilities Testing helps you hire employees who are capable of preforming the physical requirements of the job. Our post-hire services help employees work optimally-ergonomic assessment and training, worksite Early Intervention programs, pre-transfer and periodic Fitness for Duty Testing.


Ergotron - Booth #52

Ergotron is on a mission to transform sedentary work environments into places of movement and health, with products grounded in ergonomics. Ergotron is helping computer workers around the globe adopt active sit-stand workstyles that improve comfort, health and mood states, in turn impacting productivity and vitality.


 ERGOTRONIX - Booth #41

Ergotronix, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic material handling equipment based in Sarasota, Florida. We provide the best quality work positioners, transporters, lifters and conveyor rollers making manufacturing environments safer and more efficient all while boosting productivity. Remember, "Good Ergonomics = Good Economics."

Eureka Ergonomic

Eureka Ergonomic - Booth #122

Eureka Ergonomic will be showcasing their signature products from a unique collection. This includes an advanced-patented gas strut technology available in all their sit-stand desktops with multiple colors, electric height-adjustable standing desks, the Eureka executive swing chair, and other innovative office accessories.

Feel Good Inc.

Feel Good Inc. - Booth #68

Feel Good Inc. provides portable TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units offering a wide variety of benefits including alleviating back, nerve, post-op, diabetic pain and migraines. Our units also improve circulation and sleep patterns to decrease the use of pain relievers that causes negative side effects.


Flexpipe - Booth #125

At Flexpipe, we certainly know about the importance of having the best equipment to maximize a production floor's efficiency and ensuring employees are working in a safe, ergonomic manner. Modular materials handling systems will help you with implementing lean manufacturing and continuous principles. Flexpipe it's tubes, joints and your creativity.


GOErgo – Booth #44

GOErgo, the Global Organization of Ergonomics, is a worldwide resource for the ergonomics profession dedicated solely to the support of the profession and individuals involved with improving workplace performance, quality, sustainability and employee availability.


Goldtouch - Booth #

Goldtouch is the industry leading creator of custom comfort ergonomic technology products, including keyboards, mice, and accessories for your computer. Our ergonomic computer peripherals benefit both individual and business needs by reducing the pain and discomfort so commonly associated with repetitive stress injuries (RSIs). Unlike other ergonomic companies, we build products that adjust to each unique individual, allowing every person to find their own personal solution. Find your perfect Goldtouch solution today.

Grand Stands Inc.

Grand Stands Inc. - Booth #89

Electric sit-stand table bases with a variety of features and ergonomic accessories including new sit-stand monitor arm.

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. 

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. - Booth #95

Hamilton Caster manufactures ergonomic-friendly casters, wheels, carts and trailers for industrial applications. Extensive push-pull and swivelability testing capabilities enable us to provide you the optimal solution for your application. Many Hamilton solutions are stocked for same-day/next-day PRONTO® shipment. Custom solutions are also available.

HealthPostures - Booth #46

HealthPostures products transform existing office spaces into truly ergonomic sit stand environments that provide health and wellness benefits that extend far beyond the office. HealthPostures is a pioneer in the ergonomic sit stand industry and is among the few suppliers that manufacture and assemble their products in the USA.



Humantech - Booth #38

For nearly 40 years, global companies have relied on Humantech for workplace improvements. By combining experienced, board-certified ergonomists with our proprietary assessment tools and comprehensive software, we deliver integrated solutions that impact safety, quality and productivity. At Humantech, we help companies do ergonomics right.

 Impacto Protective Products Inc.

Impacto Protective Products Inc. - Booth #92

Impacto Protective Products Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of specialized ergonomic products aimed to provide worker protection from impact, vibration, cumulative trauma and repetitive strain injuries. Our line of Anti-Vibration Air Gloves® features certified protection from Hand/Arm vibration. Additional body protection include products such as Kneepads, Body pads, Anti-Fatigue insoles Anti-Vibration cushions and many more ergonomic PPE solutions.


Industrial Hygiene News
Industrial Hygiene News - Booth #

Industrial Hygiene News features products and services that help keep employees safe and the company OSHA compliant. IHN informs and educates occupational safety and health professionals dealing with workplace safety, emergency response, indoor air quality as well as ergonomic issues.


International MODAPTS Association

International MODAPTS® Association - Booth #88

MODAPTS® The Language of Work provides fast, consistent method of determining a “fair day’s work” in manufacturing, processing, office, distribution and rehabilitation centers. MODAPTS is a measurable tool for ergonomic initiatives and is applied in over 40 countries worldwide. 

International Products Corporation

International Products Corporation - Booth #96

Improve worker safety and ease assembly operations. P-80® Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricants significantly reduce the force required to assemble rubber and plastic parts. Six different unique water-based formulas are truly temporary-once dry the lubrication is gone. 

Kinetic Technologies 

Kinetic Technologies - Booth #42

K Tec engineers and manufactures material handling carts, equipment and solutions focused on ergonomics and safety. Ensuring that your employees are operating within company ergo zone and safety guidelines, from push-pull limits to lifting, rotating and elevating, K Tec has a solution for you.


Lean Factory America
Lean Factory America - Booth #36

Our products aid in the elimination of waste, a cornerstone of lean manufacturing. Some of these products include Movexx compact push/pull assists, tote/dolly lifters and height adjustable workstations. The result is increased health and safety, manufacturing efficiency and profitability for the customer.


Levitate Technologies Inc. - Booth #64

Levitate Technologies Inc., introduces the AIRFRAME™, a lightweight wearable technology engineered to support the arms of professionals and skilled trade workers who are exposed to repetitive arm motion and/or static elevation of the arms. The company is dedicated to improving the lives of active professionals and skilled trade workers.

Loctek Ergonomic

LocTek Ergonomic - Booth #76

At Loctek, we believe that active movement is the next step in the sit-stand movement, and we're passionate about bringing healthy sit-stand-move solutions to the workplace and home. That's way we've developed our award-winning V9 Deskcise desk bike. Visit our website to learn more!

 Mark-10 Force Measurement

Mark-10 Force Corp. - Booth #130

Mark-10 is a manufacturer of digital force measurement gauges and testing systems for job task analysis, industrial ergonomics, strength measurement, and other push/pull applications. Mark-10 is co-exhibiting with our distributor Nexgen Ergonomics, a specialist in ergonomics instrumentation.


MEGAComfort Inc. - Booth #50 

MEGAComfort Inc. is a cutting edge company which offers a complete range of patented ergonomic, dual-layer 100 percent memory foam, anti-fatigue insoles and orthotics. Designed by a podiatrist, our products have been clinically proven to reduce muscle fatigue and pain, while simultaneously increasing worker comfort. Get a sample at booth #714.

Modjoul Inc.

Modjoul Inc. - Booth #114

Modjoul is a data invention company creating wearable technology to keep employees safe. Modjoul's product, the Modjoul SmartBelt, is equipped with sensors and GPS to track employee safety and help prevent workplace injuries. Learn more by visiting our website.

O'Mara Sprung Floors

O'Mara Sprung Floors - Booth #40

O’Mara Sprung Floors has been manufacturing ergonomic flooring for 20 years. With a 70% shock absorption rating, our floors help thousands of people avoid injury associated with working on hard floors and worn-out anti-fatigue mats. Our patented system allows for easy installation and reconfiguration. We offer standard and custom configurations.

The Ohio State University           

SRI- Ergonomics, The Ohio State University - Booth #

SRI-Ergonomics, part of OSU's Spine Research Institute, offers a wide range of ergonomics technical support services to companies and organizations nationwide. These include quantitative evaluations of work activities, training courses by our ergonomics experts (at the University and on site), and applied research on many ergonomics issues of concern to practitioners.


PHS West, Inc. 

PHS West Inc. - Booth #58

Ergo-Express® motorized carts and tugs are a safe and efficient solution for moving heavy materials, equipment and supplies. With any of our motorized products one staff member can safely perform the same task that may currently take multiple trips or multiple staff.


 Posture Depot

Posture Depot - Booth #66

Unique ergonomic solutions that help employers reduce injuries and absenteeism while increasing employee productivity, satisfaction and retention. The economical DeskRite 100 instantly converts any surface to a sit-stand workstation. No other workstation packs the features and ergonomic benefits! Specializing in ergonomic assissments, consulting and the best brands in ergonomics.
 Prestige International

Prestige International - Booth #90

Prestige International is the exclusive U.S. Distributor of top ergonomic manufacturers of input devices and workstation accessories from Evoluent, Hippus Handshoe, Bakker Elkhuizen, Penclic and many more.

Roemheld USA - Booth #85

Roemheld provides products to create ergonomic workstations for light/medium duty assembly. Our products are used as building blocks to create a customized workstation capable of lifting, tilting, rotating and moving your work-piece during the assembly process. By optimizing the part position, human effort is minimized and part quality is optimized.


Safety In Motion 

Safety in Motion Inc. - Booth #

Safety In Motion Inc. will provide an overview of proprietary intellectual property designed to proactively prevent common musculoskeletal injuries, on and off the job. This showcase will highlight both the education and action process used by SIM Inc. clients and management teams to effectively drive behavior change and reduce injury rates.


SailRail Automated Systems Inc. 

SailRail Automated Systems Inc. - Booth #

SailRail will be displaying their extensive line of ergonomically integrated industrial carts, including interactive demonstrations of carts interfacing with lifts, turns and tilts. These devices will be available for attendees to trial. A virtual presentation of specialty engineered industrial carts addressing specific ergonomic applications will also be showcased.

 Saturn Ergonomics Consulting

Saturn Ergonomics Consulting - Booth #54

Saturn Ergonomics provides INNOVATIVE technology solutions and PRACTICAL consulting services. Onsite ergonomics training is complimented by a web-based technology platform, ergoUNIVERSE™. ergoUNIVERSE™ provides apps, videos, and remote consulting support. Empower more employees in your organization to successfully apply ergonomics! Visit Booth #54 to experience these USER-FRIENDLY ergonomics solutions.

Spenco/Implus LLC


Spenco/Implus LLC - Booth #35

Spenco is an innovative healthcare company whose mission is to help people everywhere achieve more comfortably. While Spenco's core business revolves around producing high quality insole and footcare products, Spenco also provides the most advanced sports medicine and first aid products.


TENTE Casters Inc.

TENTE Casters Inc. - Booth #56

Better Mobility. Better Life. Improve your productivity with TENTE Casters built to your requirements. Every equipment is used in a slightly different environment and as such needs to meet various testing standards and often requires global support. TENTE representatives are trained to assist you in the caster selection process, improving maneuverability and reliability of your equipment.


University of Michigan Center for Ergonomics  

University of Michigan Center for Ergonomics - Booth #

Ergonomic job analysis and design software developed by the University of Michigan Center for Ergonomics will be explained and demonstrated. Information will be available about continuing education and academic training opportunities in ergonomics and other occupational health and safety sciences.



VelocityEHS - Booth #73

VelocityEHS Ergonomics software is the fastest, easiest way to right-fit jobs to your workers. We deliver expert-designed training to all of your employees for a fraction of the cost of traditional ergonomics training and consultation. Employees perform self-assessments and web-based training to identify and resolve their unique ergonomic risks, with advanced remote or onsite consultations available as needed.     



Victor Technology - Booth #59 

Victor Technology is an American owned and operated supplier of calculators and premium desktop accessories. Victor has been providing innovations to the office supply channel for 100 years. Our most current innovations include the High Rise Collection, a suite of standing desk products aimed to improve employee performance and health.


Working Concepts, Inc. 

Working Concepts - Booth #91 

We design and manufacture ergonomic knee protection and standing mats. Our products are Soft Knees no strap knee pads, Ergokneel Kneeling Mats and Extreme Standing Mats for standing without pain.


Xsens - Booth #107

Xsens provides full-body motion capture solutions for ergonomics and human factors applications. Our product uses inertial sensors and is based on biomechanical models and advanced sensor fusion algorithms. Xsens is easy to use, short setup time and instant data output. Xsens can be used anywhere.

Please note - we are not able to allow any visitors, attendees or exhibit staff under 17 years of age on the show floor.