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Most ergonomics programs focus on the analytical processes needed to conduct job evaluations, implement solutions, and prioritize and find budgets to fund ergo projects. What most people are not taught are the hidden strategies that make these initiatives move more smoothly.

Teaching Ergonomics to a New Generation (Z)

Presented by Applied Ergonomics Conference Committee - OPEN TO ALL
Oct. 17, 3 p.m. Eastern Time

Presenters: Richard F. Sesek and Robert E. Thomas, Auburn University

Ergonomic training professionals in academia and industry are currently faced with a common challenge. Specifically, communication with younger students and employees born after 1995 and referred to by demographers as "Generation Z."

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Sport vs. Industry "Athletes": Physical Demands and Injury Prevention Methodologies

Presented by Applied Ergonomics Conference Committee - OPEN TO ALL
Nov. 1, 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Brock Anderson, founder and principle consultant, ergo-ology

Industrial professionals turned to Olympic competition and professional sports to redefine the definition of front-line associates. The phrase “industrial athletes” is a description born out of similarities in human performance and the stress-response generated by a physically demanding task. Yet, there are still enormous differences between today’s finely tuned athletes and the broad mix of employees who occupy the workaday world. 

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